Art Against the Odds

A creative community for loved ones of the incarcerated. Prison visitations can make for a long and stressful day, especially after traveling for hours. Professor Edie Wells created this nonprofit art program at the Hospitality House to bring comfort through creative expression. Edie was interested in promoting her program and developing an easier way to manage volunteers. As the digital lead, Jessica and her classmates created a brand system. Jessica continued to consult with Edie to improve the system.

The program relies on student volunteers from Sam Houston State University. Professor Edie was managing volunteers on her own and found an inconsistent flow. Jessica created a website with scheduling features. Now, Edie has volunteers signing up months in advance. Visit to see the design created during the team project. 

See how the design translated into Squarespace.


Edie wanted to send birthday cards as a reminder of the program and to continue the mentorship. Jessica pushed beyond the ordinary card and transformed it into an art project. 


Don't be fooled by the mockup! This shirt design is an art project also. Volunteers will tie dye white shirts and learn to screen print by hand.


Every child is given a 5x7 journal, branded marker bag, and markers so they can continue to express themselves at home. Plus, the interior of the cover features the program information for repeat visits. 


Jessica's interest in color theory helped her encourage the team to use a bright color palette to express happiness, creativity, safety, and loyal community. 

Hayley Rutledge developed logo to represent the separation from the incarcerated and their loved ones.